WeLikeWater is an initiative set up by the three of us to encourage people to drink tap water. There are so many reasons to drink tap water instead of bottled water. Can you imagine how much money you will save AND even better: the amount of plastic bottles thrown away every day! You can read more about our story and mission @WELIKEWATER.COM

WeLikeWater offers cool glass bottles, obviously produced locally and sustainably. Meet our Signature Bottle, the one provided with the WeLikeWater logo. But there’s more choice… CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN!

BOTTLES FOR BUSINESS – How often do you drink bottles water during meeting or lunches at work? Your company can make a sustainable statement by replacing the plastic bottles with reusable glass ones. It will be a statement in style… bottles with your company logo or any other text or visual will look great in the office!

SPECIAL OCCASIONS – Brand your event by serving tap water from customized water bottles, how cool is that? A wedding, a special dinner or party, there are so many occasions where you can surprise everyone with a special message ON a bottle. On top of that, think of the possibility of these bottles as a take-home present for your guests. In this way they will not only remember the day, people can continue to be sustainable at home as well… Sounds like a win-win situation!



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