First impression

Where should I start? There are so many differences between Toronto/Canada and Amsterdam/the Netherlands! Let’s start with my favourite dissimilarity… Living on top of the world! Not literally, but on the 40th floor next to the CN Tower feels a little bit like that. I love the view, especially by night when the city is lit by thousands lights. Still haven’t found out the CN Tower’s lightshow rhythm yet, but it sure is a colourful happening every night. As a result of living at high altitude, on misty days our apartment is surrounded by clouds. I can assure you, this is far from colourful! Anyway, can’t stop making pictures of the spectacular view 🙂

Besides the heights and views, I am still impressed by using cheques, squirrels in the city, (false) fire alarms in the middle of the night, school buses, sports bars, skyscrapers, the Canadian friendliness (Hi, how are you?) and so much more. Totally different from what our charming but tiny and flat country has to offer. I suppose that’s the fun of living abroad, experience the unknown!


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