Visitors in Toronto!

During the Holiday season we had some special guests visiting us in Toronto. What do you show your family and good friends as a real Torontonian? Let’s be honest… after three months of living here we should know!

It is worth the 1.5-hour drive from Toronto to the Niagara Falls to watch these specials falls at the border of Ontario, Canada and New York State, USA. Furthermore, a trip to Canada isn’t complete without visiting an ice hockey game, the most popular sports game of the country. And despite the strike of the Toronto Maple Leafs the men enjoyed a game of the Marlies. Beer and hotdogs, YAY! For our need of culture, we visited the Royal Ontario Museum (, Canada’s largest museum of world culture. Living in the same country as the Aboriginals makes it worth learning more about them and their lifestyle.

After celebrating New Years Eve with our Dutch AND Canadian friends in Czehoski (, one of our favourite bars in Toronto, it was time to get into our rented mini-van and go to… Haliburton! In Haliburton we resided in a resort, and blessed with snow and sunshine we discovered a new part of Canada by walking and dog sledding. WOOHOO!!

Niagara FallsFamily pic @Fallsice hockeyROM bearROM Aboriginalsnew years eveHaliburtondogsledding Haliburtondogsledding


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