Discover the slopes…

Our trip started at the most fairy-like airport I have ever been to: Mont Tremblant. A wooden building that looks more like a cosy chalet than an airport. White minivans were waiting to take us to our hotel in the pedestrian village along the scenic route. Accustomed to the European slopes, just the one mountain was a different experience, but the snow was perfect and the Canadian environment and especially the views were magnificent. Due to the Washington break (a holiday for American kids) the tranquil, innocent looking village turned into a true party place by the time dusk set in. Thanks to our blue jackets, the DUTCH PROMO TEAM didn’t have to pay any entrance fees hehe.

After three days of skiing, snowboarding, consuming (favourites are wine, ginger ale, cheese, nachos, burgers, caesar salad, oysters and pork ribs), filming with the Go Pro and dancing, it was time to move on to our next destination: Montréal. Driving past all the Québécois slopes contributed to our awareness of being in Canada instead of the Alps. And then… Paris in North America! Our stay in Montréal was way too short, we’ll be back!!

Mont Tremblant airportMont Tremblant villageDutch promo teamMont Tremblant CHEESESkiing SlopesWOOHOOMontreal old townMontreal dinner1Montreal dinner2


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