Celebrating summertime

Not only have we embarked upon our first summer in Toronto, it was also the first time we had friends coming over from Amsterdam during this enjoyable season :-). (Although dog sledding and skiing were unbeatable Canadian experiences). And that meant, experiencing Toronto in a new way! The last weeks we’ve spent our free time in parks, on little beaches (blogto.com/sports_play/2011/07/the_top_five_beaches_in_toronto/), at the Toronto Islands, on patios (patios.blogto.com/) and at the pool. What a life hehe. I love summer!

high parkpool

And there are more great ways of enjoying this time of the year. What about watching the Torontonian baseball team playing in their stadium (and sunny weather equals an open roof: tanning at the same time… Uhhhh YES please!!). Let’s go Blue Jays, let’s go! And they play almost every day  (toronto.bluejays.mlb.com/schedule/index.jsp?c_id=tor).

blue jays 1blue jays 2blue jays 3

Last winter we already visited the Niagara Falls, and we’ve been in the region around Niagara-on-the-Lake before too. But visiting the winery of Peller Estate (peller.com) last week was an absolute highlight. Delicious (ice)wine, food and surroundings, WOW!

falls 1falls 2peller 1peller 2peller 3

I always love to explore cities by bike. And not only the Dutchies enjoy cycling through Paris and New York, cycling is hot!! In Toronto we have Bixi bikes, a perfect way to get around for only 5 dollars a day. After this experience I even subscribed for a year, because I like the Bixi bikes more than my own city bike LOL.

bixi bike


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  1. Enjoyed reading your ‘summer’ article!

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

    Op 30 mei 2013 om 21:18 heeft Toronto Diaries het volgende geschreven:

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