H A P P Y * N E W Y E A R !!!

First of all:  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

happy ny

One should celebrate Christmas with family, so off we went to… The Netherlands! Faye’s first Christmas, very special. After a week of eating, family, friends, presents, and more eating we flew back to snow-white Toronto. To leave town again one day later, off to… Quebec city! And if we thought Toronto was snowy and cold: -29, that is cold!! Brrrrrr I’ve never been this cold in my life after a ten minute walk through the old town of Quebec, but with a clear blue sky and lots of snow this French looking city is so pretty and definitely a must see during our Canadian experience! I revived my time in Paris (mais ouiiiiii) and the story continues haha: eating, lots of great food! Yummy. We stayed in a hotel/castle so it couldn’t be better. Well, except this freezing cold weather  aaarggghhh!! And we thought we could handle this like Canadians… Not! January 1st we did our own “nieuwjaarsduik” (best translated as new year’s dive), not in some cold big sea but in a nice warm pool. Worth mentioning because Faye’s first dive ever. Our little Al Bundy in her tiny bathrobe of the hotel liked it so much that January 2nd we went again LOL. Time flies, exactly 5 months ago we had this tiny tiny newborn monkey, and now we have a fruit & veggies eating girl with two teeth who loves to swim in the hotel pool. OMG 🙂 Cheers!



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