Opposites attract

Almost two years ago, during our so called orientation trip to Toronto our tour guide drove us to the impressive campus of the University of Toronto. It happened to be the exact moment of graduation. The big green field filled with students wearing their gowns and hoods for the graduation ceremony made me feel like I was part of an American movie (as a European I’ve never seen anything like this before). I immediately subscribed (for a postgraduate e-business/e-marketing) and last week I started my last course of the e-business certificate on this beautiful campus (which always reminds me of Harry Potter hehe).

Right after my Thursday night class, Friday put me back in the mother role haha, when Faye and I went for the first time to the YMCA with friends. This is a great place where kids can play with each other. At the YMCA you can find a gym for toddlers, a big swimming pool and a lot more (ymcagta.org/en/kids/index.html). This adventure ended in the first cold including a runny nose, but isn’t that part of the deal?!

As true North Americans Sunday night was all about the Superbowl. Except for Bruno Mars’ halftime performance, I was more occupied with chatting, eating and drinking at our neighbours’ Superbowl party than I was with the game. Well, what’s new?

u of t campusu of t campus townymcabruno mars


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