Drinking tap water is cool

I was already convinced that drinking tap water instead of bottled water is a smart choice. Besides the fact that tap water is almost 2000 times cheaper and only 1 in 5 water bottles are recycled, it is so easy to replace the plastic bottle with a refillable one! More water facts can be found on our website (welikewater.com).

WeLikeWater is an initiative to convince people of the benefits of drinking tap water. In order to make tap water more attractive and therefore popular, we introduced appealing but practical glass bottles, which are easy refillable and fit perfectly in fridges and dishwashers. Above all, their reusability makes it unnecessary to buy new plastic bottles of water over and over again. This applies for people drinking water at home, at the office, in restaurants… Anywhere! By replacing plastic bottles by our locally and sustainable produced WeLikeWater bottles, you can make a small contribution to a better world. Next to our signature bottle it’s also possible to customize your own bottle. Excellent branding and you can make a sustainable statement in style.

And Toronto is with us! Every bar or restaurant serves ice-cold tap water: ‘ice water’. I like that! This is not a common service in Amsterdam, so I was pleased to find out Canadians are ahead of the Dutchies 😉 Now replace the ugly jugs with stylish WeLikeWater bottles, and I am the happiest person on earth. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Drinking tap water is cool

  1. Laaaar! Wat doe je dit leuk!! Heerlijk om te lezen dat je van je avontuur zoiets moois maakt. Binnenkort echt even skypen toch??
    Big kiss x

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