One chai tea latte, non-fat milk, grande please

It’s official now: I am a Starbucks addict! Seriously, they are everywhere; on every corner of the street you can find a Starbucks. I like everything about it, including the personal approach (What’s you name? Thank you, Lara) and the Christmas specialties. As a European I really feel like a local with my ‘coffee on-the-go’, something Canadians aren’t even aware off. Maybe the best part of Starbucks is the possibility to sit there alone without feeling awkward, which is great for my blogging hehe. One little problem, I’m fed up with my all-time favourite chai tea latte, any good ideas for substitute options anyone?

Having coffee with friends? Please try Niche on Queen West ( or Zaza in Yorkville ( Definitely more fun! But for the blogging… Starbucks it is 🙂


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