Wintertime in Toronto!

After Thanksgiving and Halloween now it’s time for Christmas!! Christmas already? YES! Last Sunday more than a half million people in Toronto enjoyed the famous Santa Clause Parade.

It is clear the winter has arrived… Not because it’s snowing or freezing cold (I love the big Christmas tree in the city setting of against the clear blue sky, HOW BIZARRE IS THAT), but because of all the seasonal closings! Since the time I got here, step-by-step everything closes for the season: cafes and restaurants on the Toronto Islands, café terraces along the Harbourfront and downtown, and even a part of the Toronto Zoo! (I was really looking forward to meet my new favourite animal: the moose! Fortunately, there was my old pal: the zebra hehe).

Thank God we have the PATH (! The PATH is huge network of pedestrian tunnels beneath the city centre. Here you can find a great number of shops and restaurants. There are more than fifty buildings connected with the PATH, varying from office towers to subway stations. Here you can enter or leave the underground complex. And I’m a lucky person; I can enter the PATH without leaving our building… Let the winter begin!


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