Holiday in the Netherlands

For more than three weeks I was almost acting like a tourist in my ‘own city’ Amsterdam. Touring around on my bike felt so familiar, but yet so different because I was just visiting and somehow I realized more than ever how much I like this city! Three weeks full of seeing friends and family, lunches, dinners, birthday parties, baby showers, housewarmings, celebrating the coronation of the king, and spending hours on the terrace. Not too bad.


But… Being back in Toronto feels SO good! And the best part is: S U M M E R  is in the air!! Who wouldn’t be happy if the sun’s shining after a long and snowy winter?! All terraces and patios are open again, the parks are green, the beach is waiting for us… Let the summer begin!

toronto citytoronto city 2toronto parkharbourfront

Funny enough, at the same time temperature rises, Toronto has the (ice) hockey fever. The Toronto Maple Leafs are for the first time since 2004 back in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Almost every Canadian on the street, man or woman, young or old, is wearing a blue or white Maple Leaf shirt with names on the back like Lupul, Kessel or Van Riemsdyk. Even the entire staff of our supermarket is dressed as a hockey player. And of course the CN tower is blue coloured for this special occasion. All together, is it a BIG happening that takes places in the Air Canada Centre, right under our house! Half the city is watching outside the stadium, and therefore it is inevitable to stay indifferent about it. While writing this, the Leafs have just lost the game… I’ve never expected to be disappointed about a lost ice hockey game (during summer time!). Am I getting Canadian? Hehe..

hours beforebefore the gamelive on televisionCN bluebusy on the streets


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  1. Leuke info weer. Ly

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

    Op 9 mei 2013 om 16:06 heeft Toronto Diaries het volgende geschreven:

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