When telling my Canadian friend about the short trip we were about to plan, she pointed me at the term BABYMOON. Uhhh yes… well… okay! If that’s what they call it… we’re going on a babymoon!! Is this something typically North American, or did I miss something? Maybe it’s because we’re totally new in this ‘business’ 🙂

Anyway, babymoon or last minute holiday trip, we wanted to go. And as soon as possible. There are many advantages of living abroad, but one of them is definitely the opportunity of new holiday destinations. Just a three-hour flight away from Toronto lies… CUBA! On a whim we decided to book a trip to this amazing island that was on our wish list for ages and two days later we were enjoying the Cuban sunshine! And these sunrays were more than welcome after our first Canadian winter 😛

Next to the Caribbean Sea, beaches, palm trees, music and people we couldn’t leave the country without visiting Havana. I’m impressed by Cuba’s history and it’s capital.

CheCuban artHasta la victoriaHavana centreHavana centre HavanaOldtimersTropical


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