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September 24th was exactly one year ago that we were on the plane from Amsterdam to Toronto to start our Canadian adventure. It’s bizarre to realize that we’ve been through all seasons while living here, and this late summer weather reminds me of our first weeks here. Although I’m a big fan of the summer, the autumn is maybe the prettiest season in Toronto. Soon it will be Indian summer again, and is every Canadian totally into Thanksgiving and Halloween. This weekend we went to Fall Fest in Uptown Yonge, which is a really nice neighbourhood (north of Eglinton) where we don’t come so often. This festival was organized to celebrate and welcome the new season with live music and many fashion boutiques and restaurants promoting them selves on the streets. And there are so many nice boutiques in this area! I have to go back there for more shopping; shops combining fashion, interior, jewellery and accessorizes are the best (e.g. White Castle Blue Jeans). One of my favourites is the Drake General Store (, which is not only located next to the Drake Hotel and in Hudson’s Bay, but also here on Yonge Street.

And as I wrote in my previous post, it’s time to share a few of my favourite restaurants again, please let me know if you have some more suggestions!

One in Yorkville ( great outdoor patio, perfect for Sunday brunch (no better place to watch the rich and famous of Yorkville) ~ Lee (  best food ever! Need I say more? ~ Boehmer ( nice interior, great food, might ne my new favourite ~ Bannock ( casual lunch, Canadian food, and it’s another option to have lunch near the Eaton centre except Mercatto ~ F’Amelia ( great food, lovely people, nice place, both inside and outside ~ Garbadine ( fun place for lunch in financial district ~ Momofuku ( I started at the 3rd floor (Shoto), then I’ve tried the other 3rd floor restaurant during Summerlicious (Daisho), and last but not least I’ve tried the Noodle bar at the ground floor which is great for lunch ~ Gusto ( old time favourite, both inside and outside, both lunch and Friday night dinner and drinks ~ Joso’s ( best seafood in town! ~ Lakeview (  this typically North American restaurant is open 24/7, and they have the best milkshakes ever ~ Earls ( did I ever mention Earls? One of the first places we had dinner and drinks in Toronto, and still the best outdoor patio downtown for lunch and late night drinks & snacks (best sushi) ~ Pamenar ( a nice little coffee bar, famous for their delicious paninis and beautiful garden.



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