Life as a mommy

Ok it has been a while… Again!! But our 12 weeks old little Canadian princess is time consuming (and I love it). In the meantime I’m working with my friend (and business partner nowadays :)) on our jewelry label and webshop. Soon more about this!! Finally I can reap the benefits of my acquired knowledge of the postgraduate online marketing I’m doing, also the reason why I started this blog a year ago, and become rich. (Joking). Currently I’m taking a study break, after months of feeling like a pregnant teenage mom in the classroom (although everybody is my age since it’s a postgraduate, but still..). I was ready to take a break. In January I’ll pick up the thread again, already looking forward to it!

But for now… Hey, being a mommy is a full time job too 🙂 I never thought it really was… But now I know. And honestly it’s the best!!

So I have to warn you that from now on my blog won’t be about just the best places to go out, yoga or juices (no time for this anymore ;-)). I will also bother you with great stuff like muffs to keep your hands warm while walking with your stroller (see picture). Got it for my birthday and I love them! Anyway, going out and/or getting around is not a big issue as such, we even went to the Netherlands with our little princess and missy has her first stamps in her passport already! For both flying and go out for dinner applies: the smaller the easier. No problem if you can have the best nap in your stroller, lulled to sleep by the relaxing sounds of people chatting.. our little one doesn’t complain! So.. Let’s enjoy for now because I heard it won’t be like that forever!! She’s more and more awake during daytime already, so that keeps one busy. Ok, gotta run: somebody needs some attention!!

Faye 1muffsFaye 4Faye 5familypassport


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